UKIFY: Ukulele Concert Experience


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“UKIFY: Ukulele Concert Experience” is a Namba Original Performance!

Ukulele Artist and teacher Rachael Lynde will gather young ukulele performers, professionals and neighbors for an evening of live ukulele music as well as a ‘Kanikapila’-style jam session! This concert will feature original music by two local (ukulele-centrIc) bands, The Blue Moon Singers and Bonny Venture.

Kanikapila is a style of Hawaiian music produced in an impromptu jam session, most commonly taking place at a beach, or family gathering. The term comes from kani which means sound. and pila which means any string instrument in the Hawaiian language.

The Namba audience is encouraged to bring along their own Ukuleles and be an important, integral part of the performance!

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Adult, Child (18 and under)