Saturday  August 31  7pm  $10



“LOUD” is produced by local artist and NAMBA regular, Rachael Lynde who shares this description:

“I am proud to present the second installment of “LOUD Ventura”, a concert series featuring original rock groups from the 805 and beyond. I am stoked to announce that this is an EXCLUSIVELY PUNK show. Joining the lineup are Sleepaway, and Nothing Add All and Sik Sik Sicks.

Sleepaway is a two piece experimental garage-punk band from Ventura, composed of high school buddies, Matthew and Tudor.

Nothing Add All is 4 piece skate-punk band from Flagstaff, AZ. They preach the punk-gospel and politics with energetic vocals, rapid melodic guitar riffs, with nods to ska, resembling your favorite punk bands of the nineties!

Sik Sik Sicks are a bubblegum-pop-punk band from SoCal, and have been sweeping the local scene with their catchy, bright, and sometimes twisted sound! They will be headlining LOUD.