NAMBA Performing Arts Space

NAMBA is a multi-disciplinary performance space located in Ventura’s historic downtown arts district. The programming focus is on Culturally Relevant Stories that Serve Our Community.

Namba provides the community with an intimate experience where artists entertain and share stories through artistic collaboration, unique programming, showcases, workshops, and classes.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded by public support and through the generous spirit and investment of Ben Namba and Julia Campbell.

We are proud participants of the Downtown Ventura Art Walk, Ventura Music Festival, and First Fridays Ventura.

Namba offers two recurring series ~

“Music Speaks” is a multimedia show that blends insightful interviews, inspiring imagery and personal performances into revealing stories told by local, regional, international musicians as well as instrument makers, recording experts and music-industry influencers.

“NambaYouth” is the concert series for artists 18yrs. and younger to perform untethered in front of a live audience. Its the chance for emerging artists to leave it all on the stage exactly the way they imagine it will be when they hit the big time. Here’s what the VCReporter has to say about the success of the “NambaYouth” series   “NambaYouth”